What is At (@) Symbol?

The @ symbol is a special character that you get when you are holding down the shift key on windows and pressing the 2 number.

This symbol is so useful, especially in everyday online communication.

In this post, you can quickly learn about various names of @ symbol and how to type the @ symbol using a keyboard.

What is @ symbol?

What is @ sign?

This symbol is simply called the “at” symbol or address symbol. The at symbol looks like a small a-letter inside a circle.

It’s commonly used to address someone on the internet. It can also be used to separate someone’s name and where they belong on the internet address.

For example, when you want to send an email, the email address might look like this: somebodysname@company.com

Today, the “at” symbol is not only for emails. It’s also popularly used on social media to tag someone in your post. For example, when you want to post on Twitter or Facebook Group, you can type the “at” sign before typing someone’s username or name.

The at symbol has been super useful, especially for people who love communicating via email or social media.

Besides helping internet users, the at symbol is sometimes used in business. In this case, the at sign (@) means “each”. So, for example, if the document says, “5 chairs @ $100 = $500” it means that there will be 5 chairs, and their prices are $100 each.

History of At Symbol

The at symbol, or “@”, has a long history. It was first documented in commercial settings around the 16th century, and it has since been adopted as a standard key on computer keyboards. The at symbol is also commonly used in email addresses and social media handles.

Despite its ubiquity, the origins of the at symbol are somewhat murky. One popular theory is that it derives from the Latin word “ad,” meaning “toward” or “at.” Another possibility is that it comes from the Old English word “æt,” which had a similar meaning.

Whatever its origins, the at symbol is now an indispensable part of modern life. Whether you’re sending a tweet or an email, odds are you’ll be using “@” to do it.

Name for At Symbol

What is the at symbol called?

In English, we simply call the @ symbol as “the at symbol” or “the at sign“. The @ sign is also known as “asperand“.

In other languages, it goes by a variety of different names. Here are some of the most common ones:

In French, the at symbol is known as “arobase.” It comes from the Latin word “ad,” which means “at” or “toward.”

In Spanish, the at symbol is called “arroba.” This name is believed to come from the Arabic word “ar-rub,” which means “one-fourth.” Historically, the @ sign was used in measuring weight or volume with four arrobas equal to 1 quintal.

In Portuguese, the at symbol is known as “sinal da arroba” or “simbolo arroba“. This translates to “at sign” or “at symbol”.

In Italian, the at symbol is called “chiocciola” This word means “snail,” and it’s thought to be a reference to the spiral shape of the at symbol.

In German, the at symbol goes by the name “klammeraffe” which means “spider monkey.” This is a reference to the at symbol’s similarity to a spider or monkey hanging from a branch.

Interesting, right?

At symbol on keyboard

The at sign is one of the most popular keyboard symbols. You can easily find the at symbol on the keyboard. Whether you’re on Mac or Windows, take a look at the number 2 button. There is the @ sign on it, right? Yep, you can easily make the “at” sign using your keyboard.

How to type the at symbol

If you’re on Windows, hold down the shift button and press the number 2 key to make the @ symbol.

If you’re on Mac, hold down the option/alt button and press the number 2 button to make the “at” symbol (@).

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